Bloomsbury Bookshop

今日因為要幫老板取他的新書樣板,到了中環的出版社去,順道溜了去雪廠街的Bloomsbury Bookshop看有沒有法律的課本,臨走時在大堂瞥見有關Bookworm Club的海報一張,好奇心起跑回書店,找店員問問那個Club是甚麼的一回事,豈知店員一聽到我問這個Bookworm Club,就連忙說:「你不用申請這個的,你們港大的證件已經有九折或者更低的優惠,那個是給人家買小孩子的書,可以以後有折扣用的…」
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  1. says:

    If the world is what it looks like, the life will be much simpler. but if the life was as simple as people imagine, the world would not be able to provide spaces to so many kind of people.

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