Oscar & Capote

第78屆奧斯卡頒獎禮又到了,斷背山的李安取得華人第一個Oscar Best Director,感覺就好像「神六」升空、楊振寧作為首位華人奪得諾貝爾獎(物理)…… 滿天遍地的報導,記者的問題卻跟問「神六」的航天員及其家人差不多……
為了應節,下午獨個兒跑了去看Capote(港譯作《冷血自傳》),內容講述作家Truman Capote在幾年間,不斷為完成他最有名的紀實小說"In Cold Blood",在追查Kansas一宗滅門血案,搜集資料的過程和感受。兩個小時的戲,表達當時人的內心感受,拍得還不錯,雖然交待上給讀者留下很多「自我想像」的空間,但是導演透過燈光、音樂和沉重的氣氛,重點表達人物角色的內心感受。近年很多以小說為背景的故事,不找重點發揮,卻很有意貪婪地希望把小說全部放上螢幕,好像藝妓回憶錄、Harry Potter等,然而一齣兩個小時多的電影,加上光與影的表達,如何能把這樣多的內容放上去?結果就導致沒有看過原著的覺得「沒頭沒尾」不明所以,看過原著的就覺得電影狼吞虎嚥,把內容梗概說了一遍,以致交待不足,原來小說留下的伏線亦欠奉,故事和人物都顯得沒有立體感,變得吃力不討好。Capote一片至少不會attempt to cover the whole story。另,此片亦有獲提名今年奧斯卡的最佳改篇劇本(Adapted Screenplay),不過輸了給Crash,我實在應該一看。 說到Capote一片最印象深刻的,是在好的story-telling及劇本下,Philip Hoffman給我們演活了這個作者——his accent, his gay, his outrageous, his being a person you’d proud to invite to Sunday dinner, and his being an author of uncommon grace & sensitivity,奧斯卡最佳男主角,他實至名歸。
Something from the movie that I’ve remembered and would like to quote:
From Truman to his editor,“There are two worlds in America: the quiet, conservative one, and the world of the criminals, the underbelly. Those worlds converged that night (of the murder).”
Truman talking about his "likely kinship" with Perry Smith, one of the murderers, “it’s as if we are brothers who grew up in the same house and he went out the back door and I went out the front door.”
Other works of Truman Capote
1948 Other Voices, Other Rooms
1949 A Tree of Night
1951 The Grass Harp
1956 A Christmas Memory
1958 Breakfast at Tiffany’s
1968 The Thanksgiving Visitor
1973 The Dogs Bark: Public People and Private Places
1987 Answered Prayers (unfinished novel published after his death in 1984)
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