Be with my ex-colleague in the construction site of the wedding expo, a show of our previous-serving company, seeing a new brand (acknowleding agnes b.) in the Design Gallery in CEC yesterday. Founding it strange, I got down to DG again today to have a look why there is something from France in our "promoting HK" DG…
Found out that the owner+designer of that "new brand" is actually someone I knew, um… met once in the City Magazine’s 29th Anniversary Expo last year. Yes, she’s bwing, the designer.
Got up to her website and found the following, probably in one of her solo exhibition before:
<You don’t have to tell me if it is true>
I was asked once to give my 3 favourite animals in order of preference and give descriptions as well…
And I said:
01 an eagle: unaccompanied, superior, accurate
02 a jaguar: cool, silent, dangerous
03 a rabbit: empty-headed, doing nothing, funny looking
The first one is what you think of yourself
The second is what others think of you
The third is what you really are
"Ha!" – that would be your response if you knew b-wing, and her face will pop-up to you when you saw the above… ha!
Just want to share something that might sound funny to you… in a boring city life.
www.bugly.biz – that’s bwing’s home site and her new brand
Her b.ugly series – what remains in my mind after glancing through the commodities in Design Gallery was:
"I will love you till you die"
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