stolen time

Today’s the "extra day" gained once in 4 year – right 2008’s another leap year again…  Browsing news in BBC, I found this interesting article on "Who Owns Today", discussing whether employers should set this "extra day" as holiday, which the National Trust has granted today as a day-off – envy, pals? Starting to feel like working an extra day unpaid?!
Interesting theory that Time’s a "gift", and that we’re actually giving ourselves to our employers – by using more than half of our waken time at work – time is life, very true isn’t it?
進了理大工作以後,常對友人嗔悶翻天……不過說到底,過來多少也是為了要多為自己做點事,instead of really giving myself to the company. 也沒有甚麼好怪的。只是嘛,壓根底的惰性,令我還沒有好好的完成帶回公司要做的事,唉。想起今天這四年一度額外送來的一天,更覺浪費生命。真的要加把勁了……
Wanna sign off with my yahoo signature I’ve used for almost 10 years’ time, the abstract from David Henry Thoreau:
I went to the woods because I wanted to live deliberately.
I want to live deep and suck out all the marrow of life!
To put to rout all that was not life…
And not, when I came to die,
discover that I had not lived.
My motto seems to be directing to me instead: Seize your day my friend!
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