common sense

Attended a graduate recruitment match-making gathering earlier as I have to report back in a news story. Picking all the usual-boring stuff for the story itself, what really impresses me was actually what our President shared in his speech – which I want to share with you all too~
When Way Kuo was in the States, in one of the similar occasions – a graduates-recruiters match-making – he once heard a key recruitment firm said what are the key attributes employers nowadays look from new graduates, representing over 100 reputable firms there:-
  • those who behave
  • speak good English
  • respect others
  • aware of social responsibilities
  • responsible
  • positive attitute
I can’t recall all of them, but it’s already striking enough 😛 Can’t help ringing a bell for a book I’ve read long ago, "All I really need to know I learned in kindergarten".
Eh, isn’t it, friends?
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4 Responses to common sense

  1. Florence says:

    So impressive, huh? hilarious. thanks for the good laugh!

  2. 7 says:

    "All I really need to know (is what) I learned in kindergarten", and all the following studies are going to prove it absolute correctness.

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